10 Things We Do

60 Minute response time or less. – Guaranteed-

We answer our support lines LIVE and guarantee to have a technician working to resolve your issue within 60 minutes or less where Industry average is 4-6 hours to respond. Imagine if your company has an average of 1 support request a week and it takes a technician 4 hours to respond each time, you’ll end up wasting 208 hours per year waiting on your technician to simply respond to your request; not including the time it may take them to resolve the problem.

Fast Support

Tired of waiting around for someone to “come fix it”? Tired of getting asked to “go to this site and enter that code so I can take a look”? That is a waste of your valuable time and resources. We have found that 80% of issues can be resolved remotely, in a matter of minutes, if you have the right tools. Our Technicians can take remote control of your computer and fix most issues within minutes as long as you have internet access we can access it with your permission, and usually fix it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In writing. If you are not satisfied with our services, for whatever reason, let us know, and we will make it right. Period. No hassles. No problems. If for some reason we can’t make it right, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

We dont speak geek

We speak a little Texan though, but we don’t speak Geek. We do not explain things using alphabet soup speak that only Geeks would understand. We pride ourselves on being able to translate Computer speak to common English.

We don't keep the keys

It’s your network; you should have a set of keys too. Most business owners do not know ALL their Administrator credentials. We provide you regularly updated documentation on your network, assets, system health, backups, and administrative passwords. If we don’t live up to our commitment to you, you can feel secure that simply providing our documentation to another technician would have them up and running in minutes.

Vendor Neutral

If your current IT firm is pushing you to only buy a single brand for all your needs, then he is making money on the sale and are you sure he has your best interest at heart? We are vendor neutral and are not in the hardware business. Our goal is to either save or make you money, not to sell you hardware.

Clear Billing

rom our Hourly Consulting, Managed Services, to Projects we work on Fixed Pricing. You will know, and will be asked to approve the cost, beforehand. The only exception will be if you make a change to the scope of work. Otherwise, we hold firm to our pricing. Even if it costs us more to do the work, then it was our fault, and at our expense. Period.

Worry Free

Did your backups run last night? Are they off-site yet? Were all of your Antivirus updates and windows patches installed last night? If the answer is “no” or worse yet, “I don’t know” you should be worried. We are using industry leading tools to test, install, apply, and validate that all the daily maintenance and updates are done in order to keep you up and running. Then we email you a report to show you what we did.

Beyond IT Support

Our goal is to find ways that the money you spend on IT translates into profits, and growth. Keeping your computers running is the easy part. Figuring out how IT can bring efficiency, stability, productivity, and ultimately increased profits to your business; now that is what separates IT support from IT Management.

Full IT Support

Would you go to a client meeting in shorts and sandals? Probably not, and nor do we. Our technicians arrive dressed professionally, act professionally, and work professionally. We take pride in being a professional services organization. We want you to be comfortable that we will not embarrass you should we be in front of your customers. Our staff is trained, background checked and certified, and have chosen IT as a profession.