Virtual CISO

Cybersecurity solutions that fit your budget

A data breach is any unauthorized acquisition or release of, or access to, information, with usually exposes the information to an untrusted environment. Cybersecurity has become a top tier risk for the US and multinational organizations. It is a matter of time before a determined hacker will penetrate your organization's system and successfully exfiltrate some data.

Attackers innovate rapidly at little expense, harnessing sophisticated cyber weapons, sharing techniques and renting access to corporate networks to lee sophisticated cybercriminals. The effective Cyberdefense has evolved into a sophisticated risk-management task different from traditional compliance, pushing organizations to keep up with a rapidly changing threat landscape, rather than a checklist regulatory requirements.

Cyberdefense requires organizations to conduct clear-eyed and specific risk management decision making, to establish a robust governance program and to reach outside their own teams, exchanging information about new threats with peer organizations, consulting with experts and commissioning security reviews.