Cloud Services

We’ve got you covered in the cloud

The cloud. Do you really know how it can help your business? Cloud computing can be confusing. The IT and business expertise you need to simplify your transition to the cloud is with ZipZap IT.

To help you answer these questions and better understand the cloud, here is our cloud computing guide for small businesses. If you're considering a cloud service for your business, here are three questions to ask:

What type of cloud computing does your business need?

How much are you willing to pay?

Can you deal with the security risks?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing gives users access to data wherever they have an internet connection. In today's ever-changing business climate, it's critical that small business owners get what they need right when they need it, whether they're on their computers, tablets or mobile phones – or in the office, out in the field or on the road. This is exactly the convenience that cloud computing provides.

What is cloud computing used for?

Cloud computing is an umbrella term for different types of cloud services, including these:

Cloud storage – stores and backs up your files for regular access and for sharing and syncing them across devices.

Cloud backup – similar to cloud storage, but primarily used as a backup source in the event of a crash, cyberattack or other data loss.

Software as a service (SaaS) – uses the web to provide a service, such as Office 365, Google Apps, QuickBooks Online and Salesforce (may also be called Platform as a Service).

Cloud hosting – facilitates all types of information sharing, such as email services, application hosting, web-based phone systems and data storage.

Transferring your technology to the cloud simply means that the physical aspects of your IT - along with their management and maintenance - are delivered via the Internet on a pay-as-you-go pricing structure.