Leadership Team

Marwan Abu-Fadel

Founder and Principal

As founder and principal of ZipZap IT Solutions, LLC (ZipZap IT), Marwan Abu-Fadel leads a prolific team that is successfully shaping the debate and setting the agenda on a host of critical issues at the intersection of technology and IT security innovation. Throughout his life as an entrepreneur, he has worn many hats and has a vast knowledge in various facets of business including new business incubation, venture investing activities, network engineering, technical support, project management, big data, Cloud design and implementation and business development.

Before founding ZipZap IT, he successfully started and managed El Paso Paging, Inc; an FCC Licensed Paging Carrier, The Message Center; a 24/7 Call Center, and in 1994, Compuserve; one of the 1st Internet Service Providers in southwest TX. Marwan studied Computer Science at UTEP and launched a homegrown computer consulting startup that provided valuable support to business transitioning to Computer automation in 1987 in El Paso, TX.

Brenda Lechuga

Senior Accountant

Brenda Lechuga joined ZipZap IT in 2010 and she leads and prepares all the accounting work for ZipZap IT portfolio; oversees management analysis; and plays a lead role in the preparation of audited financial statements, tax returns, investment, government-related billing, reports and schedules to support financial reports to the board. Brenda Lechuga holds a bachelor degree of business with a concentration of accounting from the University of Phoenix and continues to expand her education. She has maintained and developed her skills in the areas of accounting and tax in relation to all types of large and small businesses through her vast experience in public accounting. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and seeking new adventures together.

Blanca Chavira

IT Services & Home Automation

Joined ZipZap IT in 2016 as IT Director for the private sector. She spent over 30 years in the IT domain and 10 years dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities become more independent through home automation and the integration of computer technology into everyday life. Previously owned and managed JJ & J Computer Services for 17 years. She enjoys helping individuals with all their IT needs. She designed an Environmental Control System for the disabled allowing them to communicate and allow the user to control virtually everything in their environment by voice command. That included opening a door, controlling fan, lights, TV, thermostat, telephone, and any other electrical devices.

She joined Zip Zap IT Solutions, LLC as a Director of IT Services for the private sector and home automation. Currently working with new technology that is exploding in Southwest Texas as ZipZap IT is the 1st in the area to be delivering Home Automation Services to individuals with disabilities. When individuals do not have the ability to communicate, she has the great satisfaction of developing and delivering high quality, innovative, and enterprise business solutions to permit them to enjoy life. By mastering technology and project delivery, she implements and constantly improves Information Technology (IT) designs that marry security and simplicity.

Blanca Live in El Paso, TX, and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. She enjoys the outdoors and helping the El Paso Community. For the past 10 years, as a family, she is very involved in scouting. Taking many leadership roles and making a difference in an individual’s life as it matures in the scout is a great satisfaction.

Elvira Bustillos

Business Developer Director

As a Business Development Director for ZipZap IT Solutions, responsible for federal and private accounts in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. It’s delightful to experience first-hand in meetings the differing dynamics the regions and public sector have; while some will focus on the technical aspects of our Specific Solution lines and others will focus on what we offer in Custom Solutions.

Since her start with ZipZap IT, it has been great to see the company grow in so many ways. To have been a part of so many launches and knowing that it has been my friends in R&D responsible for the quality, makes her that much more passionate and proud of being a part of the team here. Receiving great feedback from our customers only amplifies this passion further. I began working for CEO Mr. Marwan Abu-Fadel back in 1991 where he started the evolution of “PAGERS” from El Paso Paging, Inc. As we IT wizards know that Technology evolves daily and Pagers are a blast from the past. We are now in a new era of IT Innovation and solutions. As the Business Development Director for Zip Zap IT Solutions, LLC. Elvira bring years of experience and knowledge in business development, her ability to communicate and reach out to people has opened many doors, just like ZipZap IT home automation voice technology can open doors, so can she to a better integration of Technology.

We are an IT Team with a passionate heart and obtain great satisfaction in our community by giving back to our non-profit organizations.

Nagham Salman

Lead IT Software Developer

In 2017, Nagham Salman joined ZipZap IT Solutions as a Lead IT Software Developer. Nagham is our all around design leader and evangelist who is in charge of creating elegant visual design solutions and interfaces that are easy to use. She is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of the external websites of ZipZap IT Solutions.

Nagham's interest in web development was sparked during her high school years when she realized that she was interested in everything related to technology and code and she was hooked on it and started coding at an early age. Now as a front-end developer and designer at ZipZap IT, Nagham brings over five years of experience delivering innovative websites for clients in a variety of industries. Her creative passion is continuously driven by a desire to learn and implement new ideas whenever possible.

Nagham Salman received her Bachelor degree in Computer Science in 2014 from Notre Dame University and continues to expand her education.